We enjoy being able to carry a wide range of interesting items in our Gift Shop. From unique crafts, specialty jewellery, carvings in wood and silver by Vancouver Island's First Nations artists, fascinating hand-crafted items created by talented local artists, gold nuggets mined at one of B C's earliest goldrushes (nearby Leechtown), a variety of souvenir items and t-shirts, local maps, children's items, and last but not least, a wonderful selection of books on history, geography, outdoor activities, guidebooks, First Nations, cooking, biographies, crafts and hobbies, gift baskets of specialty jellies, and ever so much more...

...And then there are our wonderful opportunities to view and purchase art. With an ongoing process of featured artists every month, there are no limits to the opportunities being presented for art lovers. Artists showing in our giftshop's Upper Gallery are drawn from throughout the Greater Victoria area and the Gulf Islands, who have submitted their work for adjudication and are selected for this presentation.

All art shown is offered for potential purchase, and payments may be made by Cash, Debit cards, Visa or Mastercard. Arrangements can be made for shipping. Please phone (250) 642-6351 for enquiries.